• Elaviela

    Im new

    August 30, 2012 by Elaviela

    Okay so I just made a account on this website, so I'm all new.

    So i don't know whwere I am supposed to post my 'stories', so I'm gonna post here..?

    Its not THAT great but I tried.

    Fright Night
    Chapter 1

    Haruhi and Hikaru and Kaoru were in class, not much was going on, Until Renge-chan popped up, Usually there class would have a tea party and such for Halloween, but this time, it was going to be different. Renge-chan had declared a Test-of-Courage Tournament. Mostly all of the class agreed with her, well except Kazukiyo-kun, he seemed rather frightened. Kazukiyo-kun looked at Haruhi very scared, expecting her to object. Everyone looked at Haruhi, because she was most likely to say no. "Well, I suppose it could be fun." She said ch…

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  • Riftgard Princess

    so, i have a feeling this isn't how you post fan fics, but i'm not very good with using the page and adding stuff that leads it to the fan fiction catergory =P so if i'm doing it wrong, bear with me or give me instructions...

    anyway, this is my ouran fan fic... nothing much to say, except i wanted to write it in the same light hearted tone that the anime is in, and it's not going to be so much a full fledged story, as much as a bunch of little "Episodes."

    please read and comment and enjoy! =3=

    Rin stared balefully down the ornamented hallway of Ouran academy and let out an exasperated sigh. This was to be expected of the stuffy rich people… everything was overly clean and bright, and expensive.

    It had only been recently that Rin’s family had c…

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  • Scarly


    March 21, 2012 by Scarly

    I'm sorry to everyone, that I'm taking forever to update Avalanche. I'm having a tiny bit of writer's block with it. And, there's college, I have a novella to write, that counts for like a third of my final grades, and then there's a bijillion other things I've got to write. I've got like five different fanfic ideas in my head, and none of them are Ouran, sadly.

    Anyway, enough excuses from me, I promise that soon, I will have another chapter of Avalanche up.

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  • Scarly

    Hiiro's Stories Complete!

    February 17, 2012 by Scarly

    Not everyone will know, but I have finally added all the stories that I wrote about Hiiro last year. Here they all are, in order (They can also be found on Hiiro's page and my userpage.):

    Dreams & Rose Petals

    Strange Dreams

    The Natural & The Day Dreamer

    As Simple As A Piece Of Cake

    Writing Peacefully

    The Heart Of A Maiden

    A Date With Kyoya & The Host Club

    Last Hiiro

    There won't be any more stories about Hiiro. :( But, don't worry Hiiro's not gone forever. She'll still get a mention from time to time in my other stories. She just won't be a main character.

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  • Rebc29

    Lightbulb over my head time!

    February 17, 2012 by Rebc29

    Okie-dokie, in case you didn't understand the title, I have an idea! For a story, of course lol. I know I need to finish my other stories, but this idea has been bugging me for ages :P I don't want to do a total spoiler buuuuut....... I might sneak some details here ;)

    So this rich family has always been guarded by the sons of another, more middle-class family. But when one generation comes, and it's just a girl, there's some problems. Especially when in the rich family, they have two daughters of about the same age, who always seem to get in trouble; yet they refuse to use the only daughter of the middle-class family. The daughters go to Ouran, and find themselves getting into even more trouble, and the family needs the help of the middle-…

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  • Numbuh 6.13

    I don't know if I should put up my story on Fanfiction, because it might be copied and pasted like a few other stories I've seen on Should I put it up and advertise the OHSHC Fanfiction Wiki?

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  • SodaCat

    New Fanfic~!

    February 12, 2012 by SodaCat

    Hey guys, Rose here~!

    So, I've been here for 5 or so days. Already got my OC's page up, her name is Kimiko, and I'm going to start up her fanfiction tomorrow!

    So yeah. Erm, here's a small teaser-like picture I made, courtesy of theOuran Dress Up Game.

    So there you see Kimiko, one of the twins (I won't tell you which, those of you who cannot tell them apart) and Megumi.

    Who is Megumi?

    You'll have to wait and see ;)

    Alright, so, goodnight!

    Rose Talk 06:55, February 12, 2012 (UTC)


    The first chapter of it was posted. Also, I made a new teaser picture for it.

    Credits for it:

    Kimiko, Megumi, and Hikaru made with Ouran Dress Up Game

    Cherry Blossom Image

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  • Capn Rin Scotts

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  • Scarly

    New Story & Some New OCs! :D

    February 6, 2012 by Scarly

    Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since I've written anything for the wiki, and now I want to start writing again! :D!!

    I've come up with three new girls, just for the story.

    Chiyura Nakayama, Sayuri Maruyama, Ryoko Ueda.

    I'm working on a story to do with their adventures, and how they encounter the host club. :D

    Here's the summary for the story:

    Three girls; Chiya, Sayuri and Ryoko, go on vaction in the mountains, where they meet the boys and girl from a certain host club. There is an avalanche, and they are trapped in the cabin. Will they get along, or drive each other crazy?

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  • Capn Rin Scotts


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  • ShanDuh


    October 23, 2011 by ShanDuh
    D I luff fanfiction, and I am writing a little fanfic at the moment. Tis fun, and I hope that I don't lose interest any time soon. I tend to lose interest in fanfics when I write them, but I hope I don't with this one!


    Indeed. I just used a doll maker to make my character Junko. Ain't she cute? :3 It was a regular doll maker, so nyan.

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  • Scarly


    July 21, 2011 by Scarly

    Sorry for not being on here for so long....

    I've kinda lost motivation to write stories with OCs lately, but I have been working on some Ouran stories, of canon characters. Like this one:

    A Summer In Karuizawa


    During a thunderstorm one night, Tamaki comforts Haruhi, and spends one innocent night alone with her. Kaoru sees Tamaki leave, and takes a picture of it on his phone. Both of the twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, decide to mess with them. Some how, Kyoya seems to know, and with out knowing it, gets caught up in the the twin's game. What are Tamaki and Haruhi prepared to do, to stop everyone finding out?

    Which I might be adding here to, because it totally should be on a Ouran fanfiction wiki.

    Also, I'm going to get to work on those canon char…

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  • Scarly

    So, I've been totally in the zone with my story, that I've finished it (will publish rest soon, promise), and I can't wait until Halloween and Christmas to write the next part of my story, so I'm writing them soon, and plan to post them! :D

    This is good, yes?

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  • Scarly

    Yeah, I shortened the name for the blog. XP

    Ok, so I've been thinking, that we have so few people coming here, so, how about I make a page on facebook, and link it back here. Then, maybe more people will join.

    Yes/no/maybe? What do you think? (Yes, I'm excited about this idea!! ^_^)

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  • Rebc29

    I would like to make this wiki grow in size. We only have 4 members, one is not active, one only reads and comments, and only two of us are thouroughly active with posting. So, I was wondering if anyone had any big, important sites that would like to affiliate with us? That would bring a new influx of users. And any other ideas for bringing in new users? Any friends that would like to join? Anything?

    Yeah, I sound desperate. But do I care? Not really. JUST HELP!!!!!! XP "Curiouser and Curiouser" -Alice In Wonderland I’M THE ROSE! 19:38, June 2, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Rebc29

    A Few More Ideas....

    May 16, 2011 by Rebc29

    XP These are just some things that people on other wikis that I'm a part of do:

    1. User of the Month. People nominate a user who is doing a great job on the wiki, and once nominations are over, we vote for the user of the month. The user will get a small interview, and a picture award to post on your user page!
    2. Featured Article of the Month. Same with the user of the month, 'cept with stories, character pages, poems, etc. And, if it's a story or a character page, they main character(s) will get an interview, and the page will get an "award" also!
    3. A chat! is a where I would make it, and we would share the chat link on the home page, and on the sidebar. It would also be useful for the interviews, and for the idea said below.
    4. A site-wid…
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  • Scarly

    Just A Idea

    May 13, 2011 by Scarly

    This wiki is kinda empty, content wise, and it gave me a few ideas. Mostly to improve the wiki, and maybe get some more people coming here. I can totally handle all of my ideas, if nobody minds, but if you would like to help me, then awesome.

    1. Add categories to all pages.
    2. Add small summaries about the hosts, so if people are writing about a certain host, they could check there. Also, users could add opinions on them, talk about them in the comments etc. They won't be in as much detail as the main OHSHC wiki.
    3. All of us add pages about our characters, so people can find info on them.
    4. Have our own category for fanfictions. Like, for when we all start to write more stories, and stuff, we add it to the category, so if someone likes a certain user's …
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  • Team Doofenshmirtz

    Ouran Wiki

    April 18, 2011 by Team Doofenshmirtz

    I would love for us to be sister wikis! You left a blog on the ouran wiki about this site so I (being the local beuro) thought this sounded awesome and checked it out. I am looking foward to contributing here! TD

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