Li Hua is a Host.

Li Hua
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth May 18
Current age 17
Gender Transgender (Female to male)
Family The Hua family
Status Host
Eye Color green
Hair Color Black with green tips, chin length, pulled into a ponytail when not disguised as a girl
Height 5' 11"
Alias Li (Everyone), Nephew (Aunt Hana), Little sis (Amame)
Affiliation Host Club
Grade 9th
Class A
Home A mansion near a sakura forest
Appearances None

Appearance Edit

Li has emerald green eyes. His hair is chin length, it is black with green tips. He is Chinese.

Disguise: In disguise, Li's hair is let down. He wears the traditional female uniform.

No disguise: When not disguised, Li's hair is in a ponytail. He wears the traditional male uniform.

Personality Edit

Li is typically laid-back and confident, though he does seem freaked out by spiders. He likes TV shows such as Voltron and Ninjago. He doesn't get along with his brother Lan very much, but he is very close to his sister Amame.