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This is the wiki for people to write original fanfictions of the manga and anime Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori. Everyone here can write their own stories and make their own characters.
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  1. You may not flame, at all. You will not be banned for a minimum of three days until your fifth warning or third, depending on how bad it was.
  2. Respect everyone and what they are. Don't make fun of them if they're gay, bisexual, etc.
  3. You can curse, just be careful when it's towards another user because it could count as flaming.
  4. Report any admins who are abusing their rights to me. If found in fault, they will be stripped of their rights.
  5. Lemons and Limes are NOT allowed. It may be as graphic as the movie Juno, or a degree more.
  6. Respect the admins' and my wishes as long as they aren't extremely crazy.
  7. If you do not allow a user to join a collab or kick them out, at least have a reason why.
  8. Also put a bold warning for non-bleeped out words, adult/sexual themes, mentioned sex, and or sexual scenes.
  9. Rate your stories.
  10. Please leave respectful feedback. Don't say like "You're the worst author ever. Why are you even on this site?" or something like that or your edit will be undone, and anyone can undo that edit. It also counts as one point for flaming.
  11. Also, if you're coming just to "repair" the wiki, please don't. We are fine the way we are, and don't need your help (unless we ask for it, of course).
  12. Feel free to make your own pages of your stories or characters and to edit canon character pages. However, please be respectful of other user's pages, by not editing or adding categories to fanfiction pages and character pages that don't belong to you.

Bureaucrats: Rebc29 and Scarly

Administrators: Captin' Rin

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