Sayuri Maruyama is an original character created by Scarly, she is 17 years old and a student at St. Lobelia Academy.


Sayuri is 5ft5, fair skinned, has short brown hair and blue eyes. Except for her standard Lobelia Academy uniform, Sayuri is never seen in girls clothes. If she participates in performances or concerts put on by the Zuka Club, she would favour a smaller male part. Even her casual wear is more boyish, but still makes herself look good and is easy to tell that she is a girl.


Sayuri's tongue is as sharp as her wit. She will quite happily speak her mind, with out a care to if it hurts someone's feelings. Sayuri would quite happily talk her friend's ears off, with gossip - which she loves. All of this is a shell, so no one gets to know the girl on the inside. She has a huge weakness for cute things, and can't resist hugging stuffed animals if she sees them.

Family LifeEdit

Sayuri was born in Okinawa, not far from Nekozawa's mansion. She would play with him as a child, on his family's private beach. Sayuri was a very quiet child, and kept herself to herself, when Nekozawa would return home. Her parents sent her to St. Lobelia Academy, because she had an interest in dancing. They wanted to help her have a successful career.

Her family owns a very successful chain of hotels, but Sayuri will never get to work in the family business, because her older brother Akito, who has already graduated from Ouran, will inherit it along with the family estate and money. Sayuri always knew this, and it is what influenced her to dress more like a boy, because she always resented that the sons of families always inherited everything, whereas the daughters had to be married off to rich families.


Ryoko Ueda - Ryoko and Sayuri have known each other since their first day at the school, they arrived at the same time. They have both been bestfriends, are even in the same class.

Chiya Nakayama - Despite Chiya being a year younger than them, they are just as close to Chiya as they are each other. Chiya was assigned a place in their dorm, when the former occupant graduated.

Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka - Due to her like of cute things, the first time she met him, she couldn't resist hugging him. He was far too cute, and caught her off guard. She does have a bit of a crush on him.



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